- Are you a stakeholder in the aviation-related ecosystem?
- Do you provide or need data that are directly or indirectly related to aviation?
- Are you interested in advanced analytics that are customized to the aviation industry?
We are looking forward to welcoming you as an early adopter of the ICARUS beta platform!

What's in the ICARUS beta platform for you?
As a data provider, you will be able to securely upload your data and define whether it is only for your organization's use or to be shared with other, selected aviation stakeholders (with the help of the data asset check-in workflow).

ICARUS Data Checkin Workflow: Indicative Screenshots

As a data consumer, you may search for aviation-related data assets in the marketplace according to your preferences and purchase them in a trusted manner (through the data asset search and acquisition workflow).

ICARUS Data Search & Acquisition Workflow: Indicative Screenshots

As a data provider/consumer, you may leverage the data assets you have uploaded/obtained and prepare your data, design and execute a data analytics workflow and visualize the analytics results in intuitive diagrams (according to the data analytics and visualization workflow).

ICARUS Data Preparation, Analytics & Visualization Workflow: Indicative Screenshots

You can find more details about the ICARUS functionalities along the three core workflows in our relevant blogposts ( MVP features, beta platform, updated beta platform , new features and functionalities)

- Are you concerned about who gets access to the ICARUS beta platform? We guarantee that a strict Know-Your-Customer policy is applied in order to ensure that only aviation-related stakeholders have access to the ICARUS platform.

In order to stay tuned with the ICARUS advancements, you may...

... Request for access to the ICARUS beta platform.
Since July 1st, 2021, the ICARUS Platform transitions to its Market Push phase when access to external stakeholders is to be provided with priority. If you are interested to join the platform, send us an email at: management@icarus2020.aero,

... Learn about our advancements online in our website and in social media by following us in Twitter (@icarus2020.aero)-LinkedIn(ICARUS2020.aero)-SlideShare (ICARUS2020.aero)-ResearchGate (ICARUS2020.aero), liking our page in Facebook (ICARUS2020.aero), and subscribing to our channel (ICARUS2020aero).