ICARUS @ Activity Group (AG43) Meeting

UBITECH presented the ICARUS project at the European Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership  (BDV-PPP) – Technical Committee and Activity Group (AG43) meeting which was held online on the 18th and 19th of March 2021. The meeting brought together the BDVA/DAIRO members and BDV PPP projects with a focus on the topics of Data Platforms, Data Spaces, Data Governance and Standards and Trustworthiness of Industrial AI.

During this online meeting, several sessions were held where the BDVA members and the BDV PPP projects joined forces to discuss these topics. In particular, during the first day the updates from the different task forces of the BDVA were presented along with a series of sessions that covered the topics of Multi-sided aspects of data platforms,  building blocks and assets to develop and implement Data Spaces, Trustworthiness of Industrial AI and Embryonic Data Spaces in Smart Manufacturing Industry ecosystems. During the second day, a session focused on Data Standards and Data Governance was held, where several projects presented their activities related to architecture and technical data governance frameworks, standards and interoperability protocols, data, and metadata models for sharing.

ICARUS @ Activity Group (AG43) Meeting
Figure 1: The presented approach of ICARUS towards data standards and governance

UBITECH presented the ICARUS project’s data standards and data governance approach, focusing on the ICARUS methodology’s aspects related to Data Security, Metadata, Data Privacy, Data Modelling, Data Mapping and Data Cleaning. For each different aspect, the details of the ICARUS approach were presented to the Technical Committee.

Blogpost prepared by UBITECH