ICARUS was present in the International Airport Review’s Airport IT & Security 2019 conference that took place on September 25th-26th, 2019 in London and brought together Airport Directors, CIO’s and Heads of Security, IT and Operations for two days of invaluable insights. The event was effective in supplying 82 influential airport leaders with a space in which they could debate best practices, learn of ground-breaking case studies and network with fellow influencers. Amongst other topics, speakers stressed teamwork, networking, data-sharing and collaboration to be essential concepts that must be implemented across the airport industry.

During its session “Aviation Data Sharing and Intelligence: Challenges and Perspectives”, ICARUS aimed to address the opportunities and challenges that trusted and secure data sharing, data-driven intelligence and AI bring to aviation stakeholders. In addition to the introduction to the unique offerings of the ICARUS beta platform, the Athens International Airport demonstrated how the data sharing and analytics platform has been used to achieve operational improvements and increase airport capacity.

Airport IT & Security Conference 2019
ICARUS Representatives @Airport IT & Security 2019

In parallel to the event, ICARUS arranged bilateral demonstrations of the ICARUS beta platform to different interested airport stakeholders, who were impressed by the all-inclusive ICARUS approach of tackling both data sharing and data analytics in a secure manner, aiming to increase their trust. Early access to the beta platform was requested by different airports and shall be granted in due time.