ICARUS @BDV-PPP Summit in Riga

At the same time with the IATA ADS 2019, the ICARUS project was also present at the European Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership (BDV-PPP) Summit on June 26th-28th, 2019 in Riga. The BDV PPP Summit is the primary event for driving European innovation in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The focus of the Summit was on “Impact empowered by Data-driven Artificial Intelligence” and hundreds of organisations from key European industries, academia and policy-making were gathered in order to foster cross-sector collaboration and shape strategies for European leadership in data-driven Artificial Intelligence.

In the first day, the BDV PPP Conference was held and several keynotes, speeches and discussion panels took place, focusing on Data, AI and Privacy, as well as on Data Driven AI with an exclusive deep dive on the BDVA Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda on Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, some perspectives were drawn on how Quantum Computing could be beneficial for Big Data and AI. During the second and third day, parallel workshops on different topics of interest (B2B Manufacturing Industry Data Spaces, Data-driven business models, Data Benchmarking, Federation of Data Services, Big Data for NLP, Policy4data, etc.) were organized by the BDV PPP community along with the BDVA General Assembly and the Big Data Value PPP Steering Committee and Big Data Value PPP Technical Committee.

During the Technical Committee meeting, ICARUS presented its concept and approach, the current key outcomes of the project, as well as the advancements accomplished so far, towards the aim of delivering an aviation data and intelligence marketplace with secure and trusted “sandboxed” spaces for data analysis. The presentation was focused on the advanced AI and machine learning technologies that were employed in the project so far and the challenges, problems and obstacles faced with respect to AI /machine learning.