ICARUS BDV-PPP Technical Committee 2019

The ICARUS project actively participated to the European Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership  (BDV-PPP) – Technical Committee, which was a joint meeting with the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) Activity Group and the AI-PPP SRIDA 4th workshop, on 02 October 2019 in Brussels. The BDVA technical committee practically aims to bring together researchers from the BDVA in order to provide the context for productive discussions and knowledge exchange.

During the meeting, several presentations were given providing insights and results from the usage of AI and Data technologies, including the advanced AI and machine learning technologies that are developed or employed on several projects, as well as the challenges, problems and obstacles that each project faced with respect to AI /machine learning platform or ecosystems.

The ICARUS project’s approach and key challenges faced were presented in detail, focusing on the design of the platform’s architecture in order to deliver an aviation data and intelligence marketplace with secure and trusted “sandboxed” spaces for data analysis. Furthermore, the AI / machine learning algorithms that will be exploited within the context of the ICARUS for the various use cases of the project were presented.