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In our increasingly digitalized world, data analytics are crucial to improve decision making, increase accountability, help enterprises predict new opportunities or losses, monitor performance.

The amount of data produced in every minute makes it challenging to store, manage, utilize, and analyze it. Even stakeholders in the aviation domain are struggling to find out the ways to make sense of this huge amount of useful data. This is the reason why they are looking at options like big data analytics tools that can help them in handling big data and get value from it.

However, there are several challenges that can hinder the use of analytics. In this article, we take a quick look at three challenges and how they are faced within the ICARUS Project.

Need for professionals who understand Big Data Analytics

The analysis of data is important to make the huge amount of data being produced, useful. But to this aim business organizations have to hire data scientists who understand Big Data Analytics (BDA).

According to Gartner, new emerging trends are about the delivery of ‘No-code development platforms’ which allow programmers and non-programmers to create BDA applications through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming. In ICARUS we are making the specific recommendations our own, by making an environment available within the ICARUS Platform to everyone, not just data scientists, to design, execute and monitor BDA Apps.  Thus, the ICARUS Platform is aimed at those who, according to Gartner, can be defined as ‘Citizen data scientists’ – non-technical employees who can use data science tools to solve business problems. 

Data security and confidentiality

Once companies discover how to use Big Data, they must address the potential risks associated with big data when it comes to data privacy and security. In general, big data tools used for analysis and archiving use disparate environments not always safe.

Each business enterprise that wants to use the ICARUS platform, has the visualization workbench for data analytics available within a secure space, that is a trusted computing base of the Kubernetes cluster and offers cloud-native security and compliance coverage. Thus, the Analytics and Visualisation Workbench can ensure the existence of the Secure and Private Space where BDA applications are executed.

Visual representation of data

To be understood and have an impact, data often needs to be presented visually in graphs or diagrams. While these tools are incredibly useful, it is difficult and time-consuming to build them manually. The ICARUS Platform offers a data visualization section with a rich set of graphs to be used and customized as proof of concept of BDA Applications executions. It does not claim to support the creation of dashboards but of course, it is a straightforward and very useful tool to look at the data by customizing charts, through a wizard that goes from the data source selection, until to get to the choice of a graph and its customization.

If you want to learn more about the foundations of the ICARUS Data Analytics, you can read our previous blogpost.

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