ICARUS Data Meeting in Luton

The first ICARUS data-oriented meeting took place on March 13th, 2018, hosted by OAG in Luton. The agenda of the meeting was oriented to the data collection and sharing activities, involving the 4 ICARUS demonstrators (led by AIA, PACE & TXT, ISI, CELLOCK), the ICARUS core data provider (OAG) and the ICARUS coordination team (UBITECH – coordinator, Suite5 – technical coordinator, UCY – scientific coordinator).

Meeting Agenda

Fruitful discussions were held among the participants that contributed in consolidating the aviation data value chain. In detail, the 1-day meeting featured:

  • A live demo of the OAG Products, Data Assets and Services in order to gain further insights on the airline schedules, flight status, connections data available by OAG either as real-time data, as historical data (with decades in the making since the 1st Official Aviation Guide was published on.. January 25th, 1929!) and as consolidated reports.
  • Interactive sessions on data profiling with the ICARUS demonstrators in order to effectively capture their data needs and requirements, as well as the data they own and plan to make available in the ICARUS platform. The coverage of the demonstrators’ data needs by OAG was discussed, as well as the synergies among the ICARUS demonstrators to exchange data and build cross-demonstrator scenarios. The potential collaboration with 3rd parties in the aviation data value chain and with other BDV PPP projects was also put on the table and will be revisited in due time as it requires further investigation by all parties involved.
  • An early brainstorming session on the ICARUS data IPR, sharing and brokerage aspects in order to better frame the needs of all the data prosumers (i.e. ICARUS demonstrators and OAG) and exchange ideas on the intentions, conditions and requirements for data agreements and data brokerage.

The ICARUS partners shall individually and collectively elaborate further on the data assets perspectives that were broached in the meeting and reconvene both online and face-to-face in the next ICARUS plenary meeting to be held on May 8th-9th, 2018 in Nicosia (to be hosted by UCY).