ICARUS launched its beta platform in a booth in the 3rd IATA Aviation Data Symposium (ADS) that was held in Athens on June 25th-27th, 2019. Over 1000 participants from the aviation industry and data professionals from across the entire value chain and various functional domains were present in a unique global forum to learn about new Big Data, AI, Data Science & Technology trends impacting the aviation industry in the following key areas of involvement: Passenger, Operations, Air Freight, Safety, Digital Transformation, Technology.

The event was a great success for the ICARUS project, as during the exhibition days of the event, several participants visited the ICARUS booth and were very interested in the ICARUS beta platform. The consortium members were engaged in short demonstrations of the key features of the platform, followed by fruitful discussions with several key stakeholders of the aviation industry such as airlines, airports, aviation data providers, as well as IATA itself and SITA.

Highlight phrases from the interactions of aviation stakeholders with the ICARUS consortium included:

  • “Highly impressed by the ICARUS approach on data marketplace, data sharing, data management and storage with end-to-end security.”
  • “Impressed by the fact that ICARUS is not acquiring the property of the data assets by providing a set of features towards the secure data transmission and storage, as well as data sharing under specific customisable license schemes.”
  • “Interested in exploring and purchasing additional aviation data assets through the ICARUS marketplace and in running scheduled analytics for the optimisation of our fleet management and operations”

During the discussions in the ICARUS booth, almost all the visitors showed interest in getting early access to the public beta version of the ICARUS platform. ICARUS also managed to collect valuable feedback that will be further analysed and provided as input towards the ICARUS platform release 1.00. Finally, a key outcome of the discussions that were performed with IATA representatives was related to ICARUS entering the IATA strategic partnership programme, as well as the involvement of the project in various aviation data standards committees.

ICARUS IATA Aviation Data Symposium