ICARUS Plenary Meeting January 2021

Due to the COVID19 outbreak travel restrictions, the ICARUS Plenary meeting was again organized online on January 26th-27th, 2021. The agenda of the meeting was structured along different slots: (a) general activities slot, (b) Project Management Board (PMB) meeting, (c) technical progress update slot, (d) dissemination slot, (e) exploitation slot, (f) demonstrators’ workshop.

As usual, the plenary meeting started with the project overview outlining the current status of the ICARUS project implementation, the progress along the different milestones, and the key discussion points for the meeting. A Project Management Board (PMB) meeting followed in order to discuss the status of the industrial deployment of the ICARUS Platform (in a stable environment beyond the testing / development infrastructures). A technical workshop was next in the meeting agenda, focusing on the demonstration of the ICARUS platform release 2.00 highlighting the changes introduced in the ICARUS platform, as well as on the data population and user documentation aspects. The 1st day concluded with a summary of the status of the dissemination, communication and stakeholder engagement activities.

In the 2nd day of the meeting, an overview of the exploitation activities was provided and was followed by the demonstration activities. Each demonstrator provided a summary of the current progress (scenario overview, planning for the intermediate demonstrator release, test case execution status), explained the hands-on experience from the ICARUS platform so far (issues identified, new features requests, etc.) and defined the plan for the intermediate evaluation in February 2021 (that shall be inevitably delayed). Finally, the meeting concluded with the administrative issues wrap up, including the planning for the next plenary meetings.