The 5th ICARUS Plenary meeting was held on July 3rd-4th, 2019, hosted by ENG in Palermo. The agenda of the meeting was structured along 4 main slots: (a) general activities part, (b) platform demo and feedback, (c) the demonstrators’ part, and (d) impact creation slots.

Day 1

The plenary meeting started with a detailed project overview provided by the ICARUS project and technical coordinator, summarizing the current status, achievements and next actions. Extensive reference was made to the launch of the ICARUS beta platform in the IATA Aviation Data Symposium 2019 and the feedback acquired by the different aviation stakeholders. A review preparation workshop followed in order to collaboratively define the review meeting’s agenda and provide a quick walkthrough to the project achievements in the 1st reporting period and the expected contents of the review presentations. The platform demo slot followed, with the technical team members providing an end-to-end demo of the functionalities of the ICARUS beta platform. The ICARUS partners provided their feedback and discussed the plan for data population and for setting up the operational platform in the CINECA infrastructures.

Day 2

During the 2nd day of the plenary meeting, the platform demo and the technical discussions wrapped up, giving way to the demonstrators slot in which the 4 demonstrators were presented. In particular, an overview of the current progress (in terms of data acquisition and data analysis) was provided by each demonstrator and the corresponding demonstration execution plans for the review meeting and for the next milestone on M24 were discussed in order to align the progress and expectations. The exploitation activities, as well as the dissemination, communication and stakeholders’ engagement activities, were presented in detail by their respective leaders while the management activities concluded the plenary meeting.

The next critical milestone for the ICARUS project is its review meeting to be held in September 2019 in Luxembourg.