online icarus workshop

Since the COVID19 outbreak travel restrictions have remained across Europe, another virtual ICARUS Plenary meeting was organized on May 5th-6th, 2021. The agenda of the meeting was structured along different slots: (a) general activities slot, (b) demonstrators progress slot, (c) dissemination slot, (d) exploitation slot, (e) platform slot.

The plenary meeting started with an introductory project overview summarizing the current project status within the overall aviation landscape, and presenting the key discussion points for the meeting. The status of the intermediate and final demonstrator releases was extensively discussed followed by a detailed status overview provided by each demonstrator partner. Each demonstrator presented their progress along their scenarios, their test case execution status, the business and technical KPIs assessment they have performed so far and any open issues they may have for the intermediate or final release. The plans for the dissemination, communication and stakeholder engagement activities that are to culminate in the last months of the project (due to the webinars, datathon and virtual booth presence) were carefully laid out and the progress along the respective KPIs was reviewed.

The 2nd day of the meeting started with a status overview for the exploitation activities, summarizing the results of the exploitation workshop held in March 2021 and outlining the business plan and exploitation intentions for the ICARUS Platform by the ICARUS consortium. A short technical overview of the ICARUS platform release 2.00 was then provided, highlighting the transition to the industrial deployment, the status of the data population activities and the availability of the detailed documentation in the Help menu. Finally, the meeting concluded with the administrative issues wrap up, including the preparation for the final review meeting.