icarus meeting november 2019

The 6th ICARUS Plenary meeting was held on November 5th-6th, 2019, hosted by SingularLogic in Athens. The agenda of the meeting was structured along 4 main slots: (a) general activities slot, (b) technical progress update and planning workshop, (c) demonstrators’ workshop, and (d) impact creation slots.

Day 1

As usual, the plenary meeting started with an extensive project overview presentation highlighting: (a) the latest advancements that are related to the ICARUS project, (b) the ICARUS “story” up to the 1st review meeting, (c) the ICARUS “story” from now on, (d) the progress after the review meeting in the project’s activities, (e) the key discussion points for the meeting and (f) the next immediate activities deadline in the ICARUS workplan.

Following up on the very successful 1st review meeting that was held in September 2019 in Luxembourg, the review meeting feedback was discussed in detail, leading to a set of next steps to address all recommendations for future work. The technical workshop was next in the meeting agenda, focusing on the ICARUS platform features release plan towards December 2019 (when release 1.00 is due). A quick platform demo was provided by each ICARUS software asset owner (highlighting the updates from the beta release so far) and the features development plan and milestones were put into perspective, together with the interactions among the different components, the blocking points and the challenges faced. In addition, the data population activities, the expected platform deployment (depending on the actual infrastructure availability), the early access to selected beta users and the terms of use of the ICARUS Platform were revisited.

The exploitation status discussion and plans for the next exploitation workshop in early 2020 concluded the 1st day.

Day 2

The 2nd day of the ICARUS plenary meeting was focused initially on the demonstrators and the expected internal validation of the ICARUS platform. Each demonstration partner provided a summary of the current progress (scenario overview, test case execution status), reiterated the demonstration execution plan for M24 (discussing updates, whenever relevant), explained the hands-on experience from the ICARUS platform so far (issues identified, new features requests, etc.) and defined the plan for the first evaluation in December 2019, with regards to the business and technical KPIs assessment and the performance requirements from the ICARUS platform.

Extensive discussions were carried out during the dissemination, communication and stakeholder engagement activities in order to ensure that the ICARUS project maximizes its outreach and effectively plans its next actions, especially with regard to the ICARUS workshops and hackathon. Since the plenary meeting was open for the participation of both members of the ICARUS Ethics Advisory Board, a slot was reserved for discussing their feedback and recommendations. Finally, the meeting concluded with the administrative issues wrap up, including the planning for the next plenary meetings.