ICARUS Plenary Meeting @Berlin

The 2nd ICARUS Plenary meeting was held on September 26th-28th, 2018, hosted by PACE in Berlin. The agenda of the meeting was structured along 3 axes: (a) a plenary meeting day featuring progress updates on the ongoing and forthcoming ICARUS activities, (b) a demonstrators day with discussions on the demonstrators’ scenarios, the required data to implement such scenarios and the interactions with the ICARUS platform, (c) a technical day focusing on the preliminary architecture and the technical issues to be tackled.

Day 1

The 1st day of the meeting started with an overview of the project advancements from a contractual and technical perspective to reflect the updated understanding of the aviation data value chain, the ICARUS approach and the high-level ICARUS architecture. A detailed presentation of the ICARUS methodology and high-level usage scenarios for a data consumer and data provider followed along with the progress in defining the ICARUS Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which is expected to be released by the end of the project implementation.

The feedback already acquired by external value chain stakeholders (i.e. airlines) was mentioned and the plan for further external validation of the proposed platform features was agreed. Insights were then provided for the ICARUS big data framework addressing the data collection and safeguarding, the data harmonization and linking, the data analytics and the data sharing aspects, leading to a discussion regarding the technical requirements elicitation and the detailed architecture design. Exploitation, dissemination and communication activities wrapped up the plenary meeting day.

Day 2

In the 2nd day of the meeting, the ICARUS demonstrators took the floor presenting and discussing the consolidated scenarios they plan to run in the ICARUS platform to demonstrate its added value. The data availability and data needs were once again put on the table and updates on the datasets identified from the beginning of the project were performed while specific extracts of the data have already become available by the demonstrators and OAG. The timeplan and priorities for the demonstration activities were presented (per demonstrator) and were followed up by the work-in-progress for the ICARUS evaluation framework.

During the last day of the meeting, technical sessions were held to dive into specific details of the preliminary ICARUS architecture and how the existing components that the technical partners plan to build upon practically fit into the overall ICARUS picture.

The plenary meeting ended with a wrap up presentation summarizing the key activities for the next months and the action plan, as well as the schedule for the next face-to-face meetings.