PRO-VE Conference

The 20th annual Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises (PRO-VE) was held in Politecnico di Torino, Italy during 23-25 September 2019. The topic of PRO-VE 2019 was Collaborative Networks and Digital Transformation. The conference holds a long-standing tradition in Big Data, Collaboration Networks and Industry 4.0, attracting the attendance of multidisciplinary audiences from the academia and the industrial domain.

The PRO-VE Conference 2019, which attracted more than 150 attendees, was organized in three days of multiple parallel sessions concerning hot topics like Industry4.0 challenges, collaborative services for digital transformation, advanced cyber-physical systems and collaborative knowledge management.

The ICARUS data sharing model was presented during the session “Collaborative Knowledge Management” in the frame of the peer-reviewed paper “Designing a Trusted Data Brokerage Framework in the Aviation Domain”, co-authored by Suite5, SingularLogic and UBITECH. ICARUS had the chance to share information on aviation data sharing as well as the business flows defined by the project with data scientists and representatives from the industry.

The paper details are: Biliri, E., Pertselakis, M., Phinikettos, M., Zacharias, M., Lampathaki, F., & Alexandrou, D. (2019, September). Designing a Trusted Data Brokerage Framework in the Aviation Domain. In Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises (pp. 234-241). Springer, Cham. The paper is available here

The slides presented during the conference are available below: