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The ICARUS ontology was presented at the 10th international Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS’20). Due to COVID-19 restrictions, WIMS was held virtually during June 30th – 3rd July in 2020. The ICARUS ontology has been designed in order to enable the mapping of aviation-related datasets to the ontology concepts and also to answer general competency questions that can be useful to the aviation industry domain.

The ICARUS Ontology in short

The core uses of the ICARUS ontology are to:

  1. facilitate the semantic annotation of datasets in order to capture the structural and semantic characteristics of the various entities in each given dataset; 
  2. represent semantically other entities of the ICARUS platform such as service assets, deployed algorithms and their popularity, assets popularity and user’s interactions;
  3. drive the extraction of metadata from ICARUS platform operations, their semantic representation, and their storage in the ICARUS knowledge base;
  4. support the continuous integration of new datasets, services, and human experts into the platform, while maintaining the ICARUS data model and the ICARUS knowledge base up-to-date;
  5. support the search and query over multiple data sources and information assets available on ICARUS and on other open aviation-related datasets, such as open data, epidemics data and data extracted from Twitter or other online social networking sites;
  6. provide an application programming interface to feed the algorithms of the ICARUS recommendation engine with useful information.

The main strengths of the proposed ontology, compared to state-of-the-art related works, are its extensibility and interoperability due to the multi-layer design, its ease of use on multiple aviation data sources of different format and structure such as purchased aviation datasets, epidemics datasets as well as data retrieved from Twitter.

The intended users of the ICARUS ontology are: a) data providers and consumers who are the key stakeholders in the aviation value chain industry, b) IT industry players supporting the aviation value chain, such as IT companies, web entrepreneurs and software engineers, c) universities, research organisations, and policy makers who study the aviation ecosystem and its multifaceted impact, and d) the general public e.g. passengers.

Material from ICARUS @WIMS

icarus @wims2020
Figure 1: Screenshot from ICARUS Ontology Presentation @WIMS 2020

The paper details are: Stefanidis, D., Christodoulou, C., Symeonidis, M., Pallis, G., Dikaiakos, M., Pouis, L., Orphanou, K., Lampathaki, F., & Alexandrou, D. (2020, June). The ICARUS Ontology: A general aviation ontology developed using a multi-layer approach. In Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics. (ICARUS @WIMS video, presentation) The ICARUS ontology contains a total of 382 classes, 151 object properties and 450 data properties. It is freely available at LINC’s github.

You can find out more about the ICARUS ontology in our blogpost.

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