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In the current climate, the aviation sector is split between two schools of thought. Those that need to  be conservative and cautious, making as many costs savings and cuts as possible to get through the Covid19 pandemic, and those that are thinking ahead to being in the best position possible to take full advantage of the recovery when it comes.

Collaborating to thrive

Key to overcoming today’s challenges is developing new and existing services, business models and revenue streams. Companies are looking at new markets, changing competitive threats mean there is a greater for need places where data can be accessed and shared. The ICARUS platform provides new opportunities, enables data collaboration in a secure and trusted space where users feel confident about accessing the data in a safe environment. Aviation stakeholders can improve their performance by unlocking the value in data and use it to help their business in the future.

Whilst data sharing had long been established in academic, research, and public policy it has made enormous inroads into private enterprises, from big business to analyst, consulting, and market intelligence firms. Data consumers include government, analysts, big business, and market intelligence firms. As a focal point for aviation information, ICARUS ensures consumers benefit from aviation data specific expertise, enhanced methodologies, and access to the latest data and insights fuelling decisions in the industry.

New data sources and choices for the aviation recovery

The platform facilitates the speedy discovery of new data sources, with the ability to link data sets to give companies an added benefit to perform their analysis and research, rather than having to extract the data into another software package. This saves time and energy and is a major advantage of ICARUS.

As data volumes continue to explode in travel and aviation, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have become more important in decision-making. ICARUS helps organisations reduce the effort and cost involved in locating required data sets and helping data providers in the ecosystem extend their market reach. The variety of aviation data that is made available can range from business intelligence and research, demographic, firmographic, and market data to business intelligence.

At a time when everyone needs to innovate, think differently, manage volatility and plan for recovery in the aviation market, the timely evolution of the ICARUS platform will provide exciting times ahead in this space.

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Featured Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Blog post prepared by OAG