ICARUS Data Value Chain

In a technology-driven era where the volume of data is soaring and the user-generated content is proliferating, creating value from data requires a new mindset in any industry. With a specific focus on the aviation industry, ICARUS brings together the Aerospace, Tourism, Health, Security, Transport, Retail, Weather, and Public sectors and aims at accelerating their data-driven collaboration under the prism of a novel aviation-driven data value chain.

Through its novel data platform, ICARUS shall provide tangible access to one of the largest gold mines of data as aviation is often characterized, with the data generated by the aviation data value chain and shared through ICARUS, being classified into three core tiers:

  • Data Tier 1: Primary Aviation Data consists of aircraft sensor data, scheduled route plans, airport traffic, fuel emissions, passenger data that pile up in heaps of data in every flight.
    • Typical data providers at Data Tier 1: Airports, Airlines, Aircraft Manufacturers, Ground Handling Agents, Cargo Handling Agents, Refuellers, Aircraft Leasing Companies, Air Navigation Services Providers, Air Traffic Control, International Aviation Organizations (IATA, ICAO, ACI, etc.), and National Aviation Authorities.
  • Data Tier 2: Extra-Aviation Data features complementary aviation data collected by airport services providers, and aviation-related service providers and enriched through Linked Open Data (indicatively weather, environment).
    • Typical data providers at Data Tier 2: Concessionaires, Airport Contractors, Parking Operators, Catering Suppliers, Airline Engineering Support, Aircraft Cleaning Contractors, OEM Suppliers, Global Distribution Services (GDS) Providers, Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) Providers, and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Maintenance.
  • Data Tier 3: Aviation-derived & Aviation-combined Data contains data and knowledge from other sectors that can be combined with aviation data from tiers 1 and 2 to produce new derived data and create new knowledge that would be impossible to deduce otherwise.
    • Indicative stakeholders at Data Tier 3: Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Car Rental Companies, Health Organizations, Transportation Organizations, Finance Institutions (banking, insurance), Environmental Institutions, Private Security, Public Authorities and Research Institutes.