ICARUS High-level Approach

ICARUS will enable many iterative, yet complementary processes to be undertaken by different stakeholders who wish to leverage the aviation data value chain offerings. At high level, through ICARUS…

  • Data providers are able to extract aviation-relevant data classified under the 1st and 2nd tiers, and define the pre-processing steps, ranging from data cleansing, mapping and anonymization to encryption techniques, that need to be performed on the data prior to being uploaded in the ICARUS platform. Such pre-processing guidelines are executed locally (in the ICARUS On-Premise Environment) and the encrypted data are then uploaded to the ICARUS core platform in order to be stored and indexed. In order for the private and public data to become available in the ICARUS marketplace, the data providers need to enrich their encrypted data with: (a) appropriate metadata, (b) licensing details and (c) attribute-based access policies. In parallel, the data providers are able to respond to requests for purchase of their data and effectively and securely handle the data contracting process in an immutable manner through the ICARUS platform.
  • Different aviation-related stakeholders, acting as data consumers, may explore extracts of data belonging to the any of the 3 tiers. As soon as they realise that a specific data asset fits their business, they may initiate a request for quotation by its rightful owner and manage their part during the respective data contract preparation (by reviewing the draft contract that the data provider has prepared, signing it and proceeding to the payment according to the terms and payment methods anticipated in the contract). In parallel, the data consumers are able to prepare their data (e.g. by joining different datasets), design their analytics workflows and execute them in secure and private analytics spaces (acting as sandbox environments within the ICARUS platform) while interactively visualizing the analytics results. Through ICARUS, data consumers may also become data asset providers on their own, by offering back the outcomes or the configuration of their analysis as “applications” in the ICARUS marketplace.

In ICARUS, extracting and sharing the intelligence emerging from a plethora of diverse data sources that carry valuable aviation-related information requires a novel approach that bears 5 Core Data Services Bundles, namely the Data Collection Services Bundle, the Data Curation and Linking Services Bundle, the Data Analytics Services Bundle, the Data Sharing Services Bundle and the Data Security Services Bundle. The ICARUS platform is complemented by the Ancillary Service Bundle to handle and orchestrate the On-Premise Environment and the Secure and Private Spaces, as well as the Added Value Services Bundle that practically contains data recommendation services and data notification services.