Public Deliverables


# Title Delivered
D1.1 Domain Landscape Review and Data Value Chain Definition 04/2018
D1.2 The ICARUS Methodology and MVP 08/2018
D1.3 Updated ICARUS Methodology and MVP 06/2019
D2.1 Data Management and Value Enrichment Methods 03/2019
D2.2 Intuitive Analytics Algorithms and Data Policy Framework 01/2019
D2.3 Updated ICARUS Data Management, Analytics and Data Policy Methods 08/2019
D3.1 ICARUS Architecture, APIs Specifications and Technical and User Requirements 03/2019
D3.2 Core Data Service Bundles and Value Added Services Designs 05/2019
D3.3 Architecture, Core Data and Value Added Services Bundles Specifications v2.00 07/2019
D4.2 ICARUS Platform – Beta Version 07/2019
D5.1 ICARUS Demonstrators and Platform Evaluation Framework 08/2019
D5.2 Demonstrators Execution Scenarios and Readiness Documentation 06/2019
D6.1 Plan for Dissemination, Communication and Stakeholder Engagement 03/2018
D6.2 Project Website and Web 2.0 Channels Setup 03/2018
D6.3 Project Data Management Plan 06/2018
D6.4 Report on Dissemination and Communication for Period 1 and Updated Plan for Period 2 07/2019