Lessons Learnt

The ICARUS beta platform will soon officially welcome its external early adopters! Who are they? They are aviation stakeholders who expressed interest in getting early access (e.g. in the IATA ADS 2019, the EASN Conference 2019 and the Airport IT & Security Conference 2019).

In the meantime, we will provide you with a quick sneak peak of its functionalities along 3 core workflows:

Data Check-in Workflow:

  • Efficient data check-in by allowing you to configure your data check-in job in the ICARUS platform and to execute it locally in your On-Premise Worker.
  • Better understanding of the data that you are uploading through semantic enrichment, harmonization and putting to the appropriate context with the help of the ICARUS aviation data model.
  • Support in increasing your data quality through a number of cleaning rules that indicatively allow for removal of null values and detection/replacement of outlier values.
  • Application of several anonymization rules depending on the privacy risks that each of your data field represents.
  • Full control over which data columns/fields you must encrypt in an end-to-end manner as they contain confidential/sensitive information for your organization.
  • Easy definition of the appropriate license for your data, as well as of access policies to regulate who is authorized to access your data if you have decided to make them available in the ICARUS marketplace.
  • Progress monitoring of the data upload in the On-Premise Worker.

Data Search & Acquisition Workflow:

  • Navigation to the ICARUS Marketplace and search for the datasets you need, with the help of various filters.
  • Quick request to purchase a dataset for a specific time period, according to your preferences (selecting only the columns you need and applying filters!).
  • Draft contract preparation by the data provider, setting the price and the terms of use you must comply with. Contracts prepared from scratch or based on the data contract templates their organization follows.
  • Draft contract online review and offline availability to cross-check with your legal team (by downloading the proposed data contract). Easy action for your organization’s manager to accept/reject it.
  • “Offline” payment remaining entirely on you (as.. aviation data do not come for free!) – confirmation in the ICARUS platform (by the data provider) so as to grant you access to the dataset.
  • Full traceability, immutability and non-repudiation of your contracts with the help of a distributed ledger technology.

Data Analytics & Visualization Workflow:

  • Efficient preparation of your data (in the form of virtual datasets) and application of a number of data manipulation methods that will allow you to create the features you need for an analysis.
  • Design of an analytics pipeline in an application, containing the algorithms that you want to execute and their parameters along with your organization’s (own and acquired) and virtual datasets.
  • Execution of the data preparation steps and the applications in your Secure Private Space that exclusively belong to your organization for your own analytics use.
  • Intuitive visualization of the analytics results, allowing you to customize step-by-step all visualization parameters.

Appetite comes with eating… so hurry up to express your interest to join the ICARUS beta platform (by dropping us an email at management@icarus2020.aero)!

Blog post prepared by Suite5